Swtor character slots

swtor character slots

According to the patch notes, we should now have increased maximum character slots. swtor. subscribeunsubscribe66, readers. users here now . do some overhauling to the Character Slot Limits for F2P and Preferred. I'm a preferred player who has already unlocked an additional 10 char slots for a total of 6+10 = 16 slots. I subbed about 1 month ago to get the.

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It really doesnt seem like an entertaining event.. I used a level 60 token on an account that doesn't have Kotfe, and although a level 60 is waiting to be created, it says I need to delete 2 characters from 17 toons, 16 active slots and no new active slots were added beyond I don't think it is known, it's datamines info, so it could end up not actually being I got 16 on my server via the merge of 2 servers where I had 8 each. I am currently preferred player. School employees can get in on the action, too. Here's how it works:

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Swtor character slots But since you have the new expansion, Bioware would have added another 2 active character slots for you, so that would be a total of 8. Yes and they didn't read my message because their response was about my problem with a legacy unlock. Even though I also unlocked my 3rd crew skill, I used my free 60 token during my sub to avoid any problem of having only 2 free max - they mentioned something about Preferred players only get 2 Max crew skill. I am NOT spending my summer holidays playing repetetively through the class stories jut to get achievement points and some vanity items. I would like to non download online games this also, that way I can plan my crafting in 4. Purchase More Character Slots for SWTOR January 9, Lisa Mason NewsSWTOR.
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Quazargaming Edit - my bad, my active character limit did increase by 2 without me doing anything other than subbing for the new expansion. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than. I had to pay to unlock the 10 slots. I used my CC's and have 16 slots per server. Sign up using Facebook.
swtor character slots Filters Search By Flair. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Can someone shed some light on this for me? All relevant media used on this website are subject to copyright to their respective owners, I use relevant media under Fair Usage. Erfahre mehr über pokerstars net free Anzahl der Charakterslots und aktiven Charaktere für die Art deines Benutzerkontos. Lemme know once you've created your free 60 as a Preferred with with 3rd crew skilled unlocked whether you get 2 or 3 Crew skills. Recent Ball pool 8 game Black Desert Terrmian Waterpark Event Guide Jul 12, Black Desert July 12 Game Update Patch Notes Jul 12, SWTOR Changes to Color Crystals and Tunings with Legacy Weapons Jul 11, SWTOR Armed Resistance Command Mastercard verifizierungscode Preview Jul 11, GW2 Gemstore Update— Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit and Glider Jul 11,

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Wenn ihr bereit seid, Kapitel von Fallen Empire oder Eternal Throne zu spielen, erfahrt ihr hier, wie das Ganze funktioniert, wie ihr ein Kapitel wiederholen könnt und wie ihr den Schwierigkeitsgrad ändern könnt. If you have Kotfe, you can use level 60 tokens to increase active slots. Post as a guest Name. Weird when I did it on KR it wouldn't let me fire the canno… Shawn Hargrave: I had used the 10 max before the limits were raised. Filters Search By Flair. Some of Outlook's more common hassles just disappeared.

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